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    來源:拜爾生物 發布時間:2022年04月25日

          COD is not a normal monitoring point in many parts of the world. In the US, in Canada, in Europe and other parts of the western world, BOD is the point monitored and found in discharge permits.

          在世界上的許多地方 COD 不是一個常用監測指標。在美國、加拿大、歐洲及其他西方世界,BOD 是常用的監測與排放指標。

    In the case of the MAB, the system generated application specific organisms chew up organic materials very quickly. The population of the microbe is very large while the remaining food material is hard for them to digest. This leaves a shortage of organic food materials sufficient for the MAB to complete the degradation of some specific COD source in the short, initial treatment cycle. The remainder of the 29% of Organic Contaminants remaining will be degraded, probably to the 95% plus range over the next few days of operation. The COD was and is not an as easy initial target of the biological treatment cycle.
           就固定化微生物載體(MAB)來說,系統產生了特定的微生物,快速地消化了有機成分。微生物的數量很多,但是剩下的食物又難以消化。這導致了 MAB 系統的有機食物來源短缺,從而無法在初始的短周期內降解特定的 COD 來源。剩下的 29%的有機污染物會在接下來幾天的運行中被降解到 95%以上。COD 并不是生物處理循環的初始目標。

    We have been developing treatment process alternatives to make COD degradation more effective. Two very distinct treatment options have provided promising results in the recent tests.
           我們一直在開發替代處理過程,使 COD 降解更有效。在近期的測試中,兩個非常不同的治療方案提供了可喜的成果。

    1. We have achieved promising results with an added membrane past the MAB tocollect the potentially 10 8 to 10 9 CFU’s of organisms per ml of liquid treated. The number of organisms harvested and returned to the front part of the system adds huge quantities of hungry selected organisms to the treatment system. They quickly devour and mineralize the residual COD that remains due to the lack of a food source. Attached is the design parameters of the MBR device we used in the test.
           通過在 MAB 后面加入膜濾器來收集出水中達到 10 8 to 10 9 CFU 的微生物,我們取得了可喜的成果。微生物被捕獲并且回流到系統前端,這為系統增加了大量的饑餓的特定微生物。他們快速的消化礦化了由于缺乏食物而殘留的COD。我們附上了實驗所使用過的 MBR 裝置的參數。

    2. Simply add an organic food source for the organisms to the liquid inoculate existing in the MAB. This would be located past the point where the waste was treated and odor and organics were removed. This is a method that needs monitoring because food sources vary in strength and concentration.
           簡單地將有機食物添加到被 MAB 處理過的水中。應當在經過處理的水中沒有臭味且簡單有機物被消化完的區段后面加入食物。這種方法需要監測,因為食物的強度和濃度不一樣。

    Another simple reason for the levels of COD remaining would be the high concentrations of organisms grown by the MAB. The large quantity grown on a continuing basis will show up as COD in the analysis. Removal will greatly enhance the reductions as we believe that the concentration of live organisms produced by the MAB system to be as high as 40+% of the residual COD. So we highly recommend that you get a customized microbe selection, it will lead to higher performance and less residual COD and contaminants at the end of the system.
           另一個剩余 COD 過高的原因是 MAB 所產生的高濃度的微生物。持續成長的微生物數量會在檢測中被顯示為 COD。去除這些微生物會大大增加 COD 去除率,因為我們相信 MAB 系統所產生的微生物濃度占 40%以上的剩余 COD 濃度。所以我們強烈推薦定制微生物,這會提高效率,并且剩余 COD 與污染物更少。



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